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Smart lighting into a trend, consumers are willing to buy at a premium

There are more and more smart lamps that can be used to control color temperature with mobile apps in the home; in commercial scenes such as supermarkets and hotels, companies have begun to build a unified lighting center console to realize the integrated operation of spotlights, downlights and other equipment. Smart lighting is entering our daily lives at a rapid pace.

The reason is that, on the one hand, the acceleration of China’s urbanization process has kept the investment in infrastructure such as public transportation at a high level, which in turn promoted the development of municipal lighting. Under the background that the country vigorously advocates the development of a low-carbon economy and the construction of smart cities, smart lighting equipment with low power consumption as its outstanding feature has naturally become the first choice for municipal lighting. Not only that, as the real estate economy enters the stage of stock competition, local manufacturers have built smart buildings and smart communities in order to highlight the differences in the advantages of their own real estate. As an important part of it, smart lighting has one more application scenario.

On the other hand, the continuous maturity and stability of 5G and other emerging technologies have made the terminal use satisfaction of smart lighting equipment continue to rise. Especially in the field of commercial lighting, the unified management and low power consumption of smart lighting have saved manpower and operation costs for terminal enterprises, and further increased the market scale of smart lighting. According to data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s smart lighting industry will be approximately 43.1 billion yuan in 2022, with an annual growth rate of about 23%.

However, as far as the current smart lighting market is concerned, there has not yet been a dominant situation. For all companies, opportunities and challenges coexist. Who can take the lead in finding out solutions to industry challenges such as product intelligence, ecological barriers, etc., will be able to seize market opportunities, and then take the lead in the smart lighting industry.


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