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About Us


 MAIHA is a dynamic enterprise that focuses on the R&D and sales of innovative technology products and is committed to providing high-quality, practical and creative electronic products to consumers around the world. 

Our production line covers wearable hanging neck fans, desktop portable fans, spray fans, hanging neck reading lamps, eye-protection lamps, outdoor maintenance lamps, smart wireless chargers and tuya smart home products, aiming to meet customers diverse needs in daily life.

MAIHA’s smart home products are designed to make consumers’ lives more convenient and smart. Smart home products cover smart sockets, smart electric curtains, smart light bulbs, TUYA/ZIGBEE/ZVAVE infrared remote controller, water sensor, door sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, smart door locks and other fields, making your home life more intelligent , comfort.

MAIHA makes your life better. 

We look forward to working with you to create a better future!

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